Addressing the needs of an audience interested in cultural events, gastronomic and artistic, which in turn want innovative and different experiences. Be satisfied with every project developed and enjoy with our clients.


Being a company generating opportunities for its employees and positive contributions to society, distinguished by their professional honesty, excellence in dealing with customers and the forefront of their proposals.


We associate the image of professional and renowned people, with our own brand and personality Meeatings23 and people who participate in our events, become guarantors of the quality of services offered.

The events become a private event, unique and unrepeatable, so as to improve the care of participants and in turn they provide to the event, ensuring good memorization.

Our projects are consistent with the features and image Meeatings23: innovative, unique, special, and different selected. These characteristics are transferred to our work, and sharing them with our customers and achieving a win-win for the prestige of both parties.


In Meeatings23 want to offer original and innovative experiences, taking care of the small details and always putting the highest quality. We want that in our space, all the worlds are connected and live in harmony with the basis of effort and respect for the work of others.

We will be sincere and honest, sensitive and meticulous, give personal attention because we believe in the humane treatment and, above all, we will be cutting edge.

Any illusion that we have in this project have been passed to our partners and so we will continue infecting all who come into our space. We are convinced that with commitment, quality, enthusiasm, artistic sensibility, creativity, and surrounded by great professionals, come to offer what we imagine one day.

Meeatings23 will be what you want it to be.