who we are?


Where you eat, where you meet

1 new space: Sant Joaquim, 23 BARCELONA


1,000 new experiences

Meeatings23 is a new space that is born in the heart of Barcelona, in which four worlds, art, gastronomy, courses and companies connect.

A space in which we all have much to learn and much to teach.

A place to create, share and ultimately, imaginative and unprecedented live experience.

Meeatings23 created to meet the needs of an audience interested in cultural events, gastronomic and artistic, which in turn want innovative and different experiences. For us, it is important to be satisfied with every project developed and enjoy with our clients.

Meeatings23 will be what you want it to be.

We have a team of professionals with experience in various business fields who have pooled their knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to implement this project.

Human Team.

ART: Lola Ruiz de Alda

COURSES: Gema Darbo

GASTRONOMY: Carlos García Clamart and Luis F. Carbonell

BUSINESS: Fabiola Diaz and Saras Sanchez


Companies that want to distinguish themselves by the quality and innovation in everything they do. People who love good work and good living.